Invest time in yourself and learn to cultivate your heart.


our community meditation platform

All who enter our gates will be greeted by a large and beautiful Buddha sitting peacefully under an old mango tree. Surrounded by coconut trees and flowers, the Buddha will overlook a public, community meditation platform where all visitors can learn the art of meditation and mindfulness.

our hilltop zendo

Those who wish to join us for a short or long-term retreat can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean, the mangroves, and the Hojancha Mountains from our hilltop Zendo. Watch the sunrise before or after your morning meditation or yoga on this beautiful platform.

Our Retreat Cafe

Many organic fruits, chillies, and medicinal plants grow right on the Alegría property! We will be happy to serve our retreat guests with fresh, delicious vegetarian dishes and drinks. 


We will be honored to host you in this peaceful and inspiring place, and we need your help to continue the work!  The money you donate will help us to continue our purchase payments on the property, and to continue developing the basic infrastructure of the center, including:



·     Fortifying and refinishing our beautiful, hilltop Dhamma Hall

·      Commissioning a large, 16ft (5m) Buddha statue (the largest in Central America)

·      Building a large platform for group sittings, talks, and seminars

·      Creating a reflection pond in front of the Buddha

·      Creating a lovely garden to surround the Buddha with natural beauty

·      Building yoga and meditation huts

·      Repairing and expanding our café kitchen

·      Building a retaining wall to secure a walk and drive way up the property (so that materials can be transported up and down)

·      Repairing and building bathrooms for workers and guests





Please contact for more information on how you can contribute to the Alegría Dharma Center.

Stay tuned for our upcoming online fundraiser!